Unique Fireplace Design for an Extraordinary Look

Fireplaces can make a home more beautiful and cozy. They have some kind of magic that attracts a family or couples together especially on a cold evening. But while we’ve seen them as mostly made from different kinds of stone, could it be possible to create a unique design? The answer is yes.
In designing spaces and structures, anything is possible these days. Modern designs make use of concepts and styles that don’t necessarily conform to the norm. And despite this reality, these contemporary designs create a unique beauty to a room. Fireplace design ideas can be gathered from the internet, magazines and construction books. They all have pictures to give you a clear image of how they can look in various materials and sizes.

Tile design
Tiles are a great material to use in building a fireplace from its hearth to its wall. They are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. You can choose from different types as well such as porcelain, glass, ceramic, terra cotta and other natural stone. To complement your design, you can also add accent tiles for a more stunning look.
If you go for tiles and an out-of-the-ordinary fireplace design, the Art Deco theme is right for you. This design dates back to the 1930s and features clean, straight lines with repetitive patterns as well as bold, vibrant colors. You can even mix and match them.

Did you know that fireplaces today are more portable? There are the so-called freestanding units that can be moved from one place to another. And because they’re portable, no installation is required. This design was made possible by, what else, modern technologies. In fact, the ever dynamic technology has led to advancement in fireplace designs. Now, fireplaces can vent through a wall without the need to build and maintain a chimney. What’s more, there is even a non-venting type. And as if that’s not enough, you can also have a fireplace that can be lit with a remote control or one that has a wall-mounted thermostat to let you control the temperature you want.

Ventless design
Ventless and portable fireplaces are attractive accents to a home, office or apartment. They are not only modern but unique as well. Their great benefit is that they use only clean burning, eco-friendly and non-toxic gel fuel. Just keep in mind to verify with your local building department and fire ordinances about the use of ventless fireplace in your area.

Extended hearth
A fireplace’s floor is known as the hearth and this can be extended to the living room floor to create a unique design. You can use tile, brick, flagstone or cement. You can even have a raised hearth made from wood or other material that you like. Whatever suits your style, you can always do something out of the ordinary to make your fireplace stand out from the rest of the appliances in the room.
Whatever unique design you pick for your fireplace, always make safety a priority. And this is especially important if you have small children. Use glass and metal screens or cover if possible. Keep in mind that your fireplace should complement the design of your room or serve as the focal point.